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Pidgin English Words Starting With M

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Pidgin English Words Starting With the Letter “M”

(ma ha low)

Definition: thank you
Used In A Sentence: Mahaloz braddah!
In English?: Thank you very much sir.

(mah who)

Definition: homo sexual; a man who acts very feminine or like a woman
Used In A Sentence: Ho dat Charlie, he so mahu yeah?
In English?: Does that Charlie bat for the other team?

maikai (maika`i)
(my kah-ee)

Definition: good; fine; well; I agree

makai (ma kai)
(mah kai)

Definition: ocean side; towards the ocean (used when giving directions)

makapiapia (maka piapia)
(mah ka pee ya pee ya)

Definition: mucous of the eye
Used In A Sentence: Try wait brah! I wen just wake up and get plenny maka piapia still yet.
In English?: Give me a few minutes to wake up. My eyes are still crusty with eye mucous.

(mah keh)

Definition: die; dead; kill
Used In A Sentence: Da fish wen make already. You wen feed ’em or wot?
In English?: It appears as though your pet goldfish has died. Have you been feeding it properly?

make “a”
(make ay)

Definition: to make a fool of one’s self
Used In A Sentence: Eh, no make A brah.
In English?: Cut that out. You are making a fool of us!

(mah la sah dah)

Definition: a holeless, donut that is deep-fried, rolled in sugar and best eaten while hot. This snack was first introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese
Used In A Sentence: Eh, go get me some malasadas fo grind brah! I stay hungry fo some aftah dat ono kine plate lunch.
In English?: A nice, hot batch of malasadas would really hit the spot right now wouldn’t it?

(mah lee hee knee)

Definition: visitor; newcomer; stranger; foreigner

(mah nah)

Definition: strength; power, usually deriving from the supernatural or devine.

(mah knee knee)

Definition: small-time; minute; minuscule; stingy; stems from true, Hawaiian definition: small, striped surgeonfish (Acanthurus triostegus)
Used In A Sentence: No worries brah. Dat stay so manini.
In English?: Try not to worry about it too much. That’s probably not something you want to waste your time on.

(mah nung)

Definition: slang term used to describe an individual of Filipino descent
Used In A Sentence: Bertram stay one manong or wot?
In English?: Do you know whether or not Bertram is Filipino?

mauka (ma uka)
(mau kah)

Definition: mountain side; upland (used when giving directions)

max out
(max out)

Definition: to go all out; try your best; push your limits
Used In A Sentence: Ho, you seen Bertram? He wen max out da oddah night!
In English?: Bertram sure did eat a lot the other night at the buffett line!

mempachi eye
(mem pah chi ai)

Definition: glassy-eyed stare; empty-headed look; stupid, dazed or intentionally unresponsive to communication
Used In A Sentence: Kimo folks gimme da menpache eye when I aks fo da money.
In English?: Kimo’s friend gives me a glassy-eyed stare as if he has no idea what I am talking about whenever I ask that he repay the loan.

(men toh)

Definition: mental; stupid; silly; crazy.
Used In A Sentence: Ho, you so mento!
In English?: Why is your brain power so much more inferior than mine?

mines one
(mine wun)

Definition: it is mine; it belongs to me
Used In A Sentence: Eh, no touch. Das mines one.
In English?: Keep your hands off of my property please.

(my nahz)

Definition: no problem; don’t worry about it; it’s not a big deal
Used In A Sentence: Nah, minors! We go get ‘um next time.
In English?: Don’t worry about it. We’ll get them next time!


Definition: more

mo better
(mo’ beh tah)

Definition: more better; even better; no comparison
Used In A Sentence: Use da addah one. Mo’ better das why.
In English?: Why not consider using the other one? It’s a lot better for this particular purpose.

(moh chee)

Definition: Japanese food made from sweetened and steamed rice. Traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve and day in soups (ozoni), with red azuki beans (ozenzai), soy bean powder (kinako) and baked with shoyu and wrapped in seaweed (nori)

mochi crunch
(moh chee crunch)

Definition: Japanese rice snack that is made from baked mochi

moe moe
(mo eh mo eh)

Definition: sleep; sleepy; rest
Used In A Sentence: K-den, I goin’ moe moe awready
In English?: Good night, I’m going to go to sleep now.


Definition: an attitude or way of life where a hard core, local man often dresses in a cut T, surf shorts and zori slippers. Pidgin is his first language. See also Tita.
Used In A Sentence: He shtay full on moke yeah?
In English?: He sure isn’t like us is he?

(moh key ha nah)

Definition: Official Flower of the island of Kaua`i (Green Berry)

(mo mo nuh)

Definition: fat; obese; large
Used In A Sentence: Ho, dat buggah stay so momona he should be one sumo wrestlah awwready!
In English?: The guy is quite obese, wouldn’t you agree?

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